Project Delivery Systems


Design-Build is a form of contracting that takes an integrated approach, which delivers design and construction services under one contract with a single point of responsibility – us. Mourain Construction handles the entire process for you from architecture to construction; answering our client’s wishes for a single-point of responsibility and contact to reduce time involvements, overall costs and risks while hitting all schedule and quality goals.

Construction Management at Risk with Guaranteed Maximum Price

Construction Management at Risk is a process that allows the client of a project to choose Mourain Construction to serve as construction manager and general contractor early in the design phase. Involving us during the design phase, we provide pre-construction services to the client and design team to assure the project scope matches the established budget, that the level of quality is maintained, and that the project will be completed on-time.

During the design phase we evaluate alternate materials, systems, and equipment for cost, quality and availability. Constructability reviews are then performed as well as identification of value engineering suggestions. Working as a team fosters collaboration and focuses the entire team on finding the best solutions for the client’s construction project. To assure the client gets the best value for their budget we coordinate all subcontractor bids and determine a guaranteed maximum price for construction. Once the guaranteed maximum price is established Mourain Construction serves as the general contractor providing construction services.


A Design-Bid-Build project is a project delivery system where the design and construction contracts are two separate contracts. Additionally, the only criteria for final selection is the lowest construction cost. At Mourain, we’re committed to completing every Design-Bid-Build project on time and within budget.